When it comes to debt, Eve Solicitors are prepared to look at both sides of the coin.

Debt Recovery

In a time where many Britons have multiple sources of income, stemming from rented properties, private business ventures, or freelance employment, it has never been more important to stay fully on top of one’s incomings. At Eve, we fully appreciate the stress and concern that unpaid bills can bring, and offer our arsenal of debt experts at your disposal.

Operating UK-wide, and with a focus on private as well as commercial debt disputes, we are prepared to bring the full weight of litigative measures towards attaining the money you are owed, as quickly, efficiently, and wherever possible, without incurring extortionate additional costs to you. A more specific summary of our services include:

  • Recovering compensation from your debtor(s): Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 you are entitled to recover compensation from other businesses, if an invoice is paid late, or if payment terms are otherwise violated.
  • Recovering debts when the debtor claims legal precedent: Eve are prepared to represent your case in court where necessary, working both with and for you to present the best possible case for a successful outcome.

Supported by commercial litigation specialists, our aim is, and will always be, to recover the highest possible sum owed, and to deliver plaintiff satisfaction at every turn.

Debt Disputes

In such cases where you, as a business or individual, are being taken to court for the payment of debts you do not feel are justified, Eve Solicitors are able to provide advice and legal assistance.

  • Assessing your rights: If you feel you have a legal precedent to withhold payment, Eve will assess and determine your actionable right to do so.
  • Compensation for services not rendered: If you feel the service or product you owe for was not delivered satisfactorily, or delivered at all to the prior specifications, Eve will investigate and action your right to claim compensation.
  • Payment and debt management: If you are unable to pay a debt you have been legally determined to owe, Eve are able to offer advice, and advise action, through third party debt advisors.

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The guys at Eve helped me with an accident at work, can’t recommend them enough!

Jason Harris

The team handled my medical negligence case, they really made it as stress free as possible!

Sarah Crawford