Divorce is never easy — but with Eve Solicitors, you can at least rest safe in the knowledge
someone is in your corner.

The legal proceedings surrounding divorce can be daunting, made all the more complex when it comes to division of assets, and if children are involved, division of time, custody, and visitation.

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Where court proceedings can increase stress, elevate cost, and even exacerbate conflict between parties, appointing an arbitrator removes the impact from your hands, but not the power to fight for whatever justice is due. Reasoning your case to the highest litigative standards, our team at Eve comprises of arbitration experts, who combine decades of experience, with the guarantee of considered representation that puts your business, or financial wellbeing, first.

How much will it cost?

Where courts rely on testimony that has already passed through several sets of hands, an arbitrator from Eve represents both sides of a dispute directly, and on equal terms. Where the law requires arbitrators to remain impartial, this does not, and will not, impact on Eve’s guarantee of the highest-quality service; you need only rest assured you are receiving a service equally as thorough as the other party.

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The guys at Eve helped me with an accident at work, can’t recommend them enough!

Jason Harris

The team handled my medical negligence case, they really made it as stress free as possible!

Sarah Crawford