The ever-changing date of a still-debated Brexit has contributed to an astronomic rise in
uncertainty, and anxiety, when it comes to immigration.

Politics may change with the times, but Eve has not — we are 100% committed to support and understanding when it comes to your immigration status, be that in seeking a visa, citizenship, or temporary / long-term asylum, for yourself, or a third party / parties.

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Our team can help with

  • Citizenship requests from inside the UK; our immigration services are focused on the North
  • West and Lancashire, including Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, and Bolton.
  • Citizenship queries may fall under IRL – Indefinite Leave to Remain – when it comes to your rights to remain, and work, in the United Kingdom.
  • Work permits, for yourself, or others. If you are looking to work in the UK, and require sponsorship or the basic clearance to do so, Eve are here to help. Likewise, if you are hoping to employ a non-EU citizen, and require help in getting a license to sponsor, we are prepared to assist.
  • Settlements and appeals, including disputes over citizenship, asylum, deportation, and Human Rights violations concerning your immigration status.
  • Visa renewal, including those concerning students, and spouses / residential
  • Applications and appeals under the Points Based Schemes- Tiers 1-5.
  • Entrepreneur / investor visas.

We understand that UK laws concerning immigration are complex, now more than ever, and can be difficult for the untrained or unfamiliar eye to decipher, particularly when it comes to figuring out the options that are available to you.

With burgeoning political uncertainty, and the diminishment of consistency when it comes to identifying and tackling violations of Human Rights, it has never been more important that individuals seek adequate legal representation and support when it comes to matters of immigration, and the right to remain and / or work in the United Kingdom.

Our expert team is available to you, considering each case with careful, entirely unbiased, expertise.

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The guys at Eve helped me with an accident at work, can’t recommend them enough!

Jason Harris

The team handled my medical negligence case, they really made it as stress free as possible!

Sarah Crawford